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    Cleansing Bar 120g - by human nature
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    Cleansing Bar 120g - by human nature

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    Brand: Human Nature
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    Human nature cleansing bar
    • None
    • Fragrance Free
    • Aloe Fresh
    • Lemon Zest
    • Lavender Mint
    • Chocolate
    • Gummy Beary
    • Vanilla
    • Pure Strength

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    Product Description

    While our shampoos work well as shower gels (surprised?  try any of the moisturziing shampoos, even and especially if you have sensitive skin!), we know some of you out there just prefer a solid block of old fashioned soap.  Our soap bars do cater to that, but there's nothing old fashioned about the formula!  It's all natural and non drying.  Something here for the whole family - even if you prefer an unscented soap!

    The cold process we use to manufacture the soaps means all the goodies stay inside the bar!  We recommend not to leave the soap in water to make it last longer.

    We also have a luxuriously foamy body wash. Apart from being chemical-free, part of the proceeds from the body wash will help indigent women with breast cancer who can't afford medical treatment.